How Can You Pick Up Women Easily at Street? Women Meeting Guide for Men

How can you pick up women easily at street?

Arrive from behind, but approach at its height

To avoid getting burnt out and enjoying the surprise, the best you can do is to come from behind. Because then you are out of his field of vision.

However, I must make a small point on this point: I do not advise to approach from behind, but to arrive from behind.

How can you pick up women easily at street? Fastest methods to find girl

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Firstly: I do not recommend approaching from behind in the street, but arriving from behind and then approaching the girl once you have reached her.

Of course speaking to a girl while behind her is stupid! You don’t have to be a cador in seduction to understand this evidence.

Second: coming from behind is actually LESS creepy than coming from the front or from the side – precisely because the girl doesn’t see you coming!

In short, I recommend that you arrive from behind to avoid being noticed, and then approach as soon as you arrive in his field of vision.

It is important that she be able to see you when you speak to her, if only so that she immediately notices that it is her you are speaking to.

How can you meet women easily at street? Women finding guide for men

Come calmly!

I cannot stress enough the importance of non-responsiveness when approaching the street.

Always stay calm, relaxed and detached when approaching a girl.

enjoy random chat

Approaching in the street allows you to feel a sense of confidence and detachment far above the average, and you also seem more reassuring and credible in the eyes of the girl.

It’s something I’ve noticed when watching good people in action…

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