How to Chat with Girls in Different Environments? Tips and Advices

You can adapt what I just told you to different environments and situations. So you can chat with the girls you like.

For example; you’re at the university and there are announcements hanging on the wall. And a nice girl looking at these announcements. You don’t know her. How do you think you can have a conversation with a girl like this?

Go next to her in only five seconds, look at those hanging announcements and comment on those announcements. It will definitely work, trust me.

How can I chat with girls easily without living any problem? Tips and tricks to chat with girls

Don’t introduce yourself, start the conversation directly.

In a very natural way, behave as if this is normal (once you get used to it, it will be natural for you to meet girls like this).

Chat for a few minutes and then get out of there.

You should say her hello if you see her again.

Chat for a few minutes in a very natural way and leave her again.

Do the same again and this time call the girl somewhere in the school “I’m going there now, come let’s go together” and start the conversation on the way.

The most important steps while doing chat with girls: Advices from relationship expert

What’s important about having a conversation and chatting with a girl is:

You have to act like you’re normal. You had tens of girlfriends and this is very normal and easy for you. Using these tactics I shared with you, you can easily chat with the girls you like. You don’t have to think about how to have a chat with a girl anymore, because you’ve learned a way to use it right away.

But the hard part starts now.. After having a conversation with a girl, you have to make sure that she likes you and sees you as an attractive guy. You have to make her love you and want you to meet. Then, when you meet the girl, you must learn how to use the methods that work for you and advance the way you want.

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