Proven ways to pick up girls at street : Tips for dating with girls

Make up your mind to tackle it quickly

When you spot a girl you like, you have a few seconds to decide to approach her. After this time, you start to find excuses for not going there: too young, too old, too rushed, not quite my type, etc.

This reduces your excitement at the approach, in addition to …

make you give up a lot of opportunities to approach a girl you meet on the street, or …

to increase your anxiety.

But beware: it’s not about tackling in seconds…

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What are the proven ways to pick up girls at street?

When you are on the street, approaching a girl as quickly as possible is rarely a good idea. By rushing, you risk missing out on a lot of important things to consider.

Maybe she joins her boyfriend who is on the other side of the sidewalk, or that he is behind her … If you do not notice it because you are in too much pressure to approach it, you risk you put in an embarrassing situation at best.

That she is about to cross the zebra crossings … And approaching a girl in the middle of the road is not the best time.

That it is about to turn on a less crowded perpendicular street … and that waiting a few tens of seconds more would allow you to approach it in more favorable conditions.

Let a group of people step in his direction … and they might get in the way of your approach if you don’t wait until they pass it first.

Proven methods to pick up girls at street

Observing these details and waiting for the right timing is essential. And approaching the girl as quickly as possible may prevent you.

On the other hand, tell you immediately: “I’m going to approach it! Then focus on your future approach …

Decreases your chances of giving up going.

Gives you more time to observe the situation.

Even allows you to better manage your pre-approach thoughts and emotions.

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